5 largest manufacturers of smartphones in the global market

5 largest manufacturers of smartphones in the global market

5 largest manufacturers of smartphones in the global market
According to the preliminary results of the quarterly report of Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker from International Data Corporation (IDC), in the third quarter of 2015, producers have shipped in total of 355.2 million smartphones worldwide (3Q15), which is 6.8 % more than in the third quarter of last year.
Smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2015 was slightly below the forecast of IDC in 363,8 million, mainly due to lower-than-expected iPhone shipments, as well as presenting flagship Android smartphone at a price that is out of the comfort zone of consumers.

5 tips to sell wisely

5 tips to sell wisely

5 tips to sell wisely
In sales you often have to deal with harsh criticism of the customers. Fear can not buy a quality product, they take a defensive position and in every possible way protect yourself from spending hard-earned money. But smart entrepreneurs and salespeople know how to find a common language with potential clients and demonstrate the value of their product.

1.Explore hidden needs

Customers do not always know how to articulate their needs. But on their pages in social networks they can, without realizing it, to talk about their own desires.

Learn more about how you can identify hidden needs and use it at every opportunity. Having a deeper understanding of what your clients need, you will be able to immediately understand whether to try to impose our own product or service.

2. Do research and listen to the reviews

Sometimes customers hard to imagine how they can put into practice a new product or a new service. It is obvious to you all the benefits of the product, and the client may not be aware of it. Sales coach company HNH Nan Gross notes that the question before you make a purchase is a natural process. Don’t be afraid of the excuses buyers, tell them about all the benefits and that they will receive together with your product, tell us about those who have already done it. Very tempting may be the proposal to be in the same list with other interesting companies to feel on the same level with them.
5 tips to sell wisely
You have to make the client feel comfortable in that offer.

3. Start with small sales

Sometimes the price is a key factor in attracting customers. A discount offer can play a key role, and you get customers without much effort.

CEO of one of the Western companies, specializing in sales, Jim Hurst recommends to start with small sales to help you beat the available for consumers. Once people learn about the quality of your product and begin to use it, you will be able to gradually change the direction and principles of operation.

4. Tell us what would help your product

To force clients to start to act immediately, tell them the possible consequences of their passivity. People tend to seek to avoid negative consequences, this is where you can put pressure on the emotions and details to tell what might happen without your services.

Your clients must understand that if they didn’t act now, then in the future they will have to spend a lot more effort, time and money to get the same thing.

5. Educate customers

Your customers should know what is important to you and are not an elementary way to get rich. If you’re planning a long cooperation with them, we have to prove it. Devote more time and attention to the customers, tell about different nuances of the products or services offered. People should make sure they actually choose the quality. This approach will also allow you to forge lasting relationships and gain loyal customers.